A Hack For Our Left-Handed Quencher Fans

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A big reason why so many people love the 30 oz & 40 oz. Quencher is because of its handle. Easy to grab and take on the go or have next to you throughout the day, using the handle makes hitting your hydration goals quick and convenient!

While readily set up for the right-handed crowd, did you know that you can change the position of the straw on your Quencher to be perfect for someone who is left-handed as well? A nifty hack for hydration-focused lefties everywhere, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Place your quencher on a flat surface with the logo facing towards you, the handle to the right.
  • Begin threading your lid on with the straw positioned at 3 o’clock.
  • Rotate ¾ of a turn clockwise, and that’s it!

Your straw should now be opposite the logo, making it closer to you if holding the Quencher with your left hand.

Bonus: Repeat the same steps but start with the logo facing away from you and the handle on the left to have your straw end up on the same side as the logo.

Now you can use your Quencher with your left hand and have the straw positioned perfectly for staying hydrated and happy.

Did you know about this hack?