Tips For Making The Best Cup Of Joe In The Outdoors

It doesn’t mean you have to forgo that crucial cup o’ joe just because you're roughing. Learn how to make the best cup for your next outdoor adventure.
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There’s nothing like the great outdoors to recharge your batteries, whether for an extended walkabout or just a weekend excursion. The smell of fallen leaves, the gentle babbling of a brook, the cool morning breeze: Everything about waking up in a sleeping bag, unzipping your tent, and stepping out into base camp is designed to energize and invigorate - giving you the push you need to start your day with high hopes and clear eyes.

Well, for some people. The rest of us sometimes need a little pick-me-up in the morning in the form of a piping hot cup of coffee. And just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo that crucial cup o’ joe. Coffee has been a pioneer staple, a clutch companion for adventurers and explorers throughout the ages. The great wide open wasn’t conquered overnight, but you can bet that coffee got those homesteaders moving in the morning.

Even weekend warriors craving their favorite barista’s brew can bring the city’s best coffee with them. Looking for tips for making the best cup o’ mud out in the wild? We got you covered:

Boil Water Over A Fire

It’s a fact that water tastes better when boiled over a crackling campfire. Don’t believe us? Ask a scientist. We’ll wait.

No Campfire? Bring Hot Water With You!

OK, sometimes it’s not exactly convenient to find a roaring fire to get your java jumping. If you’ve got a long trek ahead of you, you’re probably going to want to avoid stopping to collect kindling.

With that in mind, it pays to plan ahead: Grab your favorite Stanley Vacuum bottles, fill that puppy with boiling hot water, seal ‘er uptight, and just like that, you’ve got almost a day’s worth of hot water ready to deploy when you feel yourself flagging.

Grind It Up Ahead Of Time

Sure, this should be a no-brainer, but no-brainers are all relative when you haven't had that first cup. The last thing you want first in the morning is to bust open your bag of coffee and see beans staring up at you (mocking you with their bean-ness). Sure, if you remembered to bring along your handy mortar and pestle, you might be able to get something going, but if you're packing light, your best bet is to grind ahead of time.

Our Coffee Systems even offers a dry storage area in the stopper, can hold a bottle's worth of grounds and is easy to use.

Some grinding advice:

  • Try to keep your beans whole until the last possible minute. Grinding them releases essential oils, resulting in more flavor and aroma. The longer the ground beans sit before being used, the less fresh and flavorful your brew will be.
  • For your standard french press, grind your beans coarsely and evenly. You'll know if you ground them too fine if you try and push your french press down and experience a lot of resistance.
  • Seal your beans in an airtight container to limit the loss of moisture and oils.

Make It And Take It

If you've got a busy itinerary, even the five or so minutes it takes to brew up a fresh cup of coffee can be hard to find. That's where a good vacuum bottle comes in handy: Brew up your favorite java blend, pour it into an insulated mug, and enjoy fresh, hot coffee all day.

It ain't rocket science brewing a killer cup of coffee, but do it right, and it's sure to help you blast off.