January Employee Spotlight


Describe the culture at Stanley in three words or phrases.

Visionary opportunism. Encouraging empowerment. Wildly creative.

What inspires you? (inside of work, outside of work)

The unlimited possibilities & creativity that I can bring to life through the brand and at work. I love to understand how different generations are thinking about hopes, dreams, and friends. It engages my heart and mind to help bring these to life for our customers.

What do you value the most about working at Stanley?

Freedom – the freedom (to a certain extent) to alter your job content and offer up new and exciting ideas vs. following an already established playbook.

What are you most excited about in your job?

To create products that consumers genuinely are interested in and excited about.

Tell us how you’re able to be a creator, builder, or inventor in your role? 

I create culturally relevant food and drinkware through limited edition creations & brand partnerships.

What’s your favorite Stanley product? Why?

IceFlow™ Aerolight™, it’s stylish, it’s light and easy to carry around.