December Employee Spotlight


Describe the culture at Stanley in three words or phrases.

Collaborative, Innovative and Motivating.

How does Stanley give you opportunities to keep pushing yourself, to grow and explore?

As Stanley continues to grow, we see many opportunities to manage the scalability of our business going forward. I find that I have much to contribute to help facilitate that growth in a thoughtful and intentional way, and to help to set our company up for continued success going forward as we move into new markets, new product lines, and new geographic locations.

How does Stanley fit into your life?

Working at Stanley is the best work-life balance I have experienced in my career. The flexibility here allows me to fit the things I enjoy outside of work into my weeks without impacting my productivity and effectiveness.

What is some advice you would give to someone who is just joining Stanley?

I have built many close relationships with my Stanley colleagues through collaboration on volunteer projects, in our employee networks, and through the teams I am a part of in my daily work. I would stress to any new Stanley folks to look for those kinds of interaction opportunities to get to know the amazing people here.

Tell us how you’re able to be a creator, builder, or inventor in your role?

I decided to major in finance because I have long had an interest in understanding how businesses are structured, how they make money and how they’re profitable. In my role as a financial analyst, I get the opportunity every day to build systems and processes that help the company stay profitable, as well as navigating through moments of crisis or transformations.

What’s your favorite Stanley product? Why?

My favorite product is the 30 OZ IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler. The handle makes it easy to carry around, fits in the cup holder for on-the-go and feels like just the right size for ease of use throughout the day.